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Bobby Brown - Ballistic

by Kretzschmar
Feb 2015 - 5.6K views

This was a fun one. I've always been really stoked on the content that Stept creates. I wanted to link with these guys to shoot an edit, turned out that Breck was the best option (like usual) I think it came together really nicely. Short and sweet. Alex Nick and Connor killed it on the filming/editing. Alex's In air follows are on point and really gives their edits another special element. When talking with Nick about the editing, we wanted to make it quick and straight to the point. I film a lot of things at Breck so it created a big challenge for Nick to make it stand out. It was a goal of mine to shoot a couple of pieces this year and put a real focus into making these edits. I'm really grateful that Stept had time to make this happen. This is something I really want to do more of in the future. I want to put the effort and the time to make something special, no need in rushing or pushing things. I want to take the time to create what I want.