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OverStoke Festival 2015

by jacktompkins
Sep 2015 - 623 views

All the highlights from OverStoke Festival at Stoke Ski Slope!
Black Label Project and Snowhoes ( came together to host the first of a new type of UK Freeski event, an all-day ski festival!

Stoke Ski Slope played host to a full day of jam sessions, prize giveaways and ski demo's while off the slope riders could work on their slackline and trampoline skills as well as get great deals on gear for the upcoming winter from brands such as Black Label Project and Finest Hour Clothing.

Huge thank you to Rob Embling, Sophie Offord, Rob Hackney, Josh Fawcett, Row Emery, Emily Harding and everyone who made the day happen!

Ski The Kingdom at Jibworx 'Envirojam'

by jacktompkins
Jul 2015 - 941 views

Ski The Kingdom headed to The Snow Centre for Jibworx's latest competition Envirojam. The huge turnout from the UK freeskiing community and jam-format created an incredible atmosphere on the night and led to an incredibly high standard of skiing. These are the ski highlights from the event.

Eine Minute Mit Moritz

by jacktompkins
Mar 2015 - 331 views

Snowpark Obergurgl Park Designer Moritz Klammer and I spent an hour filming together. The weather was perfect and it was really cool to see Moritz enjoying skiing the park that he works so hard designing!

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SkiTheKingdom: Artificial Adventures

by jacktompkins
Jan 2014 - 2.2K views

"Artificial Adventures" follows the SkiTheKingdom team during their past year of dryslope skiing. We set out to explore some of the best dryslope's that the UK is privileged to have. We join in a few competitions, put on a ski demo at the London Ski Show and have as much fun as possible!

"The Ice Palace" - SkiTheKingdom #2

by jacktompkins
Jun 2013 - 1.1K views

The SkiTheKingdom project has one goal... to show what it truly means to be a UK skier. Tamworth Snowdome in the East Midlands is known for its icy slope which provides an excellent incentive to land your tricks! Challenging features and fast tow rope park laps guarantee a brilliant time every Tam session!