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penken state of mond

by gravel
Jun 27th - 3.1K views

joona kangas, ryan stevenson, simo peltola, julius forer, tenra katsuno, benji richards, simon bartik, felix klein, dani bacher, voita bresky, manu barnard, david wolf, ferdinand roald dahl, noah schallert, timmy ryan, nico corazza

can u forgive me by why mel
prison oval rock by barrington levy

newschoolers week at windells - the raw tapes

by gravel
Jul 2021 - 4.9K views

sd raw selects from last session at windells ski camp with parker white, duncan adams, and jake mageau for newschoolers week

with skiing also from phil casabon, sammy carlson, colby stevenson, brian gardiner, walker shredz, kellan baker, and hunter hess

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ski lines

by gravel
Mar 2019 - 9.8K views

A handful of paper and digital rotoscoped animations of my friends' skiing - sourced from video clips by myself and by Alex Havey. Thanks to Max Moffatt and Pepe Gay for inspiration.

Skiers, in order
Scott Nelson
Colby Stevenson (2)
Knut Fineid & Levi Ascher
Jonah Elston, Knut Fineid, & Jonah Williams
Alex Hall
Hunter Hess
Blunts: Oystein Braten, Cody Ray, Dane Kirk, Colby Stevenson
Ethan Swadburg

Animation by Gavin Rudy


The Wozard of Iz by The Avalanches


by gravel
Jan 2016 - 24K views

Clean chops from a day in Freeway with the Turdburglar, playing with the long solstice shadows of December.

3rd Cut

by gravel
Mar 2017 - 22.7K views

Le 3rd video of the saison from this weekend with Scott n Dane.

Music is The Way I Feel by Jonathan Wilson

Video by Gavin Rudy