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Bloody Jellies

by fredyferl
Nov 2021 - 686 views

Made an edit with the few park shots I had from last winter
Filmed by: Isabelle Lacour
Song: Bloody Jellies by Rudimentary Peni

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Fred Ferland 2016

by fredyferl
Dec 2016 - 5K views

A big thank you to my friend Guillaume for being super motivated to shoot urban, and to my girlfriend Isabelle for filming me in the park and helping us out a ton with setting up spots, pulling the bungee and filming second angles. It would have not been possible without you guys!
Also, big thanks to LINE for hooking me up with skis for this upcoming season!

Out of Ideas - Full Movie

by fredyferl
Nov 2018 - 5.2K views

Last winter we had a bunch of snow, didn't get kicked out of a single spot, and no one got hurt. It was our first time filming together, and it went great. So here is our first project, Out of Ideas, cause we had no idea what to call it.