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Markus Fohr RAW CUT 3

by damake
Sep 2014 - 7K views

I destroyed mah knee cap and something bananas from mah leg in raw cut 2. This is the first time skiing after having 2 surgeries. Dem chickens are scared man. I want to thank mah homies for the chicken. I want thank mah sponsors for keeping me fly ( SKYR ) ( FACTION ) ( PAROMCAMPS ) ( SAUNA BEANIES )

Markus & Joona - After Hours

by damake
Dec 2013 - 5.5K views

We went to Kuusamo to film urbans a couple of weeks ago, we also spent some days in Ruka to film this edit for you. Featuring: Markus Föhr and Joona Kangas Filmed/edited by: Oscar Michelsson, Lé Vallu Hänninen, Tornikana and Chiki Supported by: Faction Skis, Skullcandy,,

Markus & Joona - Busy as a beaver

by damake
Jan 2014 - 3.2K views

Like/Follow us on Facebook: We went to Whistler for TNF Open and filmed this edit during the same trip! Featuring: Markus Föhr AKA Tornikana & Joona Kangas AKA Chiki Filmed/edited by: Tornikana & Chiki Supported by: Faction Skis, Skullcandy,,