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The Yung Saltine Skertfiles

by bigfaceboys
Jun 2017 - 443 views

My first year in Colorado was one of the best getting to send some real mountain shit for the first time! But still got to go back to Ohio and ski at BMBW which will always be home. Thanks to all the different people who would snag random shots of me so I ended up actually having clips for an edit :)

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by bigfaceboys
Feb 2016 - 1.6K views

What's poppin newschoolers I knew we needed something out before the end of February so here it is. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM @bigfaceboys


by bigfaceboys
Sep 2016 - 384 views

Haha this is on the bfb instagram (@bigfaceboys) but these clips are from the spring south of Cleveland. But listen every single security/police officer that showed up literally said they fuck with us and what we do and told us to do our thing when their back was turned. Non-ski towns are cool because the cops actually don't give a fuck