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The Bunch - Far Out

by TheBunch
Oct 2013 - 17.1K views

We're gonna let Far Out speak for itself. But we do hope that you at least try to get in a "open minded mood" before you watch it. Otherwise you should probably not watch it at all. But what is a open minded mood anyway? Well we don't really know but we think of it as being open to new ideas, such as doing a super basic trick or hitting a basic feature in a wierd way. or shining light into something simingly unimportant. Skiing is not important right? You can cannot make a life with skiing.That is what teachers tell us growing up. Well fuck that. We think that the stuff you learn from skiing are Life lessons that rich buisnessmen never learn. anyways... you can stop reading now but we would like to add one thing to all skiers out there who are not able to get sponsors or contracts: it seems to be that, you will have alot more fun and become a better skier if you are NOT sponsored because you have to work all summer just to make it finacially. and that mentality and appreciation for skiing without rules and expectations seems to be the birth for alot of skill/style/creativity. So don't mourn over not getting paid, embrace it. Since the road up to "the top" is the road you will in the end appreciate the most. Remember your roots, stay underground but mostly just stay FAR OUT (This 30min ski movie is just the latest creation from the Swedish underground skiing movment that's been building up in the anti-spot light during the past years.) Peace. / TheBUNCH @thebunchstagrams

Concrete Jungle Official Movie

by WordupProjects
Nov 2013 - 10.6K views

Searching and creating new places to ski. Finding places that's not meant to be skied. In a city, many miles from the nearest ski hill. Fueling up every night so we can survive in the white cold jungle, getting kicked out by cops, security guards or the law in general. Trespassing and vandalism just for the possibility of getting a usable shot. Many hours of work is getting down to just a few seconds of footage. We have been focusing on the skiing in the city, the opportunities you have and the whole lifestyle of being a urban skier all winter.