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Home Mountain: Mont Cascades, now APEX!
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Best Tricks: Zero spins, Fakie Rodeo 5 all 8.
My Gear: Amplid Anti-Dogmas '09/10/11, Amplid Rockwell '11
Skype: yetithewookie
Anyone that doesn't have a stupid attitude and sizes up other riders based on their equipment that want to throw down and session with us are totally welcome to holla...we're always looking to meet, experience, influence, learn and share our love for the sport with anybody!!!
Big ups to Stepp, Delorme, Brogan, Hornbeck, Barnes, C.Collins, Mahre, White, Jossi and Vanular for being so damn steezy!
Downey, Fujas, and Pollard for holding it down still!
Tanner and Spriggs for being so damn rasta! Chyea! YetitheWookie

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