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Stop Tamarack Resort Expansion

by XC
Apr 2nd - 228 views

Hey this is a buddy's video posted with his permission. If you want to contact him or ask questions, go comment on the video on YouTube.
Here's my comment on the issue/video:

"I feel the heart in this.
My introduction to mountains and wilderness was in Idaho. I was born there and it's sad to see rapid and expansive development gaining momentum there (I'm in Utah now).
It not only destroys our way of life, it destroys life. Wildlife that depends on this land to survive and have a chance at life. Which is their right.
Lodges and rollercoasters, more lifts and more expansion is not our right. I hope the human race will soon collectively realize this.
Let's work with what we have and refine that. Refine the resorts that already exist. Remodel and rebuild on land that's already been developed.
I'm joining this fight Dan!"

The Tamarack Resort expansion plans are out of control and threaten to take over more than 3,300 acres of pristine public lands in West Central Idaho. Tamarack Ski Resort is owned by private equity and real estate firms from Florida and Georgia. Their plans include a total take over of the public lands complete with a 10,000 sqft building on top of the Mountain, a mountain roller coaster, 5 new lifts, and more. These are developers from out of state with big plans to make their ROI through real estate sales. These out of state Tamarack owners do not share the same values of Idaho and threaten to negatively affect Valley County in many ways such as but not limited to, pricing locals out of their homes, excessive strain on local infrastructure, erosion of community identity, and loss of natural beauty by building lifts, roller coasters, and big buildings.

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I am against Tamarack resort's expansion plans and it is time for the voices of the opponents to be heard. Tamarack will not slip under the radar with their ambitions to destroy public lands. I have co-founded a non-profit called Leave Our Lands Alone Alliance and we are dedicated to stopping the take over of these public lands. Stop Tamarack's expansion.

If the Forest Service *does* grant Tamarack a permit, they (or whoever buys it next) would be able to develop with no (well, few) questions asked any time in the next 40 years. Public lands should not be used as development/real estate collateral. So, keeping that permit from being granted is important to protecting the area from present and future development threats.

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If you want to get involved, please leave a comment below and I will personally respond.

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