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Windells Best of Ski 2015

by Windells
Nov 2015 - 11.6K views

The best of the best from summer 2015! Featuring: Jonah Williams, Noah Wallace, Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson, McRae Williams, Jamie Baril, Josh Karcher, Camp Boll, Jeff Curry, Ethan Swadburg, Sander Hadley, Jeremy Pancras and many more! For more information on Windells Camps, or to register, visit

Windells Session 5, 2014: Summer Skiing

by Windells
Jul 2014 - 14.2K views

With another brand new park for this session, Surface skis came through and made sure to keep the good times rolling, Whether it was on or off the hill, the crew jumped and jibbed every feature with style. And of course, it wouldn't be Surface week without their signature Tie-Dye Tuesday. Featured Riders: Cam Boll, Evan McEacheran, Banks Gilberti, Khai Krepela, Maximilliam Smith, Jonah Williams, Nicky Keefer, Magnus Graner, Steve Stepp, Alec Nelson, Will Berman, Joey van der Meer, Karl Fostvedt

Windells Session 6, 2013: Summer Ski Camp

by Windells
Aug 2013 - 11.6K views

As July is ripped off the calendar, we?re still skiing up here on Mt. Hood! There?s no stopping the good times when Freeskier Magazine is in town, and the lines were blurred between working hard and hardly working. Viva Summer 2013!