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Chris von Massow 2019

by Van_Wilder
Apr 2019 - 910 views

I have been spending the last 4 years in Vancouver for school and had the opportunity to ski a bunch more than usual through my job as a coach. I spent the last couple years getting 5-10 days per season and not really enjoying myself as much but this year I was able to get back out there and have a blast. Put together a few shots from my season, enjoy!

Couple of March Break Laps

by Van_Wilder
Mar 2015 - 1K views

I have been working as a coach at Craigleith Ski Club for the past season. As fun as it was, it has been quite hard finding the time to film and enjoy progressing my own skiing instead of others. I had a few days off during march break and was able to film for one of them.I had a blast filming with Ryan. I hope you enjoy.

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First Flat 7

by Van_Wilder
Mar 2013 - 299 views

I know I kindof cheated the landing a little, word on the street is that its actually a rodeo 7! whatever im still pumped!