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First Booter of the Year

by Tristan.MP
Jan 2020 - 279 views

Would you just look at that sunset!?

filmed by: Syeed Saleuddin, Villy Bouchard, Andy Mann, Lauren Powers and Tristan.MP

edit by: Tristan.MP

music: Mac De Marco - All of Our Yesterdays

thanks Faction, keep killin’ it!


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wtf is style?

by Tristan.MP
Jan 2015 - 3.5K views

Have you ever pondered the phenomenon of style? It seems to be a topic that sparks debate and philosophical discussion. "wtf is style?" explores this with a creative and humble attitude. Perhaps not what you'd expect from a small-town ski movie, but this is Nelson...people get deep. Filmed mostly at Whitewater and in the streets of Nelson, "wtf is style?" explores the peculiar sentiment of style, by showcasing local riders ranging from age 14 to 25. The film is a generation's response to the question, not the answer.

Trace Cooke 16/17

by Tristan.MP
Oct 2017 - 1.4K views

Hooooly last season delivered the goods! Here's Trace Cooke making the best of all the sweet pow around Nelson BC and at Whitewater Ski Resort. film and…

Sam Kuch // 16/17

by Tristan.MP
Jun 2017 - 3.2K views

Sam Kuch's season edit, shot mostly around Whitewater Ski Resort and supported by Head, Tyrolia Whitewater and The Village Ski Hut. Enjoy!