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"Come Find Us" Official Trailer by Toy Soldier Productions

by ToySoldier
Jul 2010 - 19.5K views

The official trailer for Toy Soldier Productions full length ski and snowboard film, "Come Find Us." Feature film dropping Fall 2010

Produced, Shot, and Edited by Toy Soldier Productions

Riders: Shay Lee, Brock Paddock, Cody Perin, Shane Stalling, Parker White, Nate Falconer, Eric Gronneberg, Todd Kirby, T.J. Andrews, Kevin Fischer, Zak Steele, Dan Darling, Carson Wiser, David Steele, Jess Getner, Peter James Arneson, Robbie Moulton, David Daines, Danner, A.J. Meldahl, Myles Keating and many more.

Music: Fires (Vindata Remix) by Band of Skulls

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