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Totally Trevor! Episode Zero

by TotallyTrevor
Oct 2011 - 3.8K views

Last fall I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado, then in February I made a trip home without telling anyone except for Conner, and my younger brother. So I got to surprise my friends and family, do some good ol' Wisconsin skiing and hang out! I never ended up editing until recently for the NSTV contest, which is why it's Episode zero....look out for Episdoe 1 in the next month or so!

Totally Trevor Ep1! Opening Season

by TotallyTrevor
Nov 2011 - 4.8K views

My ski season started like any ski season should, tons of McDonalds. I kept myself occupied playing Monopoly until A-basin and Loveland opened. I made it to Loveland the day after they opened for some fun laps and tried to ski A-basin on Sunday of their opening weekend. A few weeks later and Keystone opened! Breck opened the following week, so we skied Keystone some more. Enjoy! Also you can follow my blog @ :)

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by TotallyTrevor
Jan 2016 - 23.7K views

Headphones or nice speakers encouraged, cause you're pussy ass laptop speakers AIN'T GONNA CUT IT! Skiing by Tanner Mottau, Pete Koukov, Evan Furbeyre, gapers slamming, Trevor Jansen, Meeks, FRULLAMON poppin' bottles, and Karl Munthe. Special Appearance by Calvin Schwadron. Edited by Totally Trevor.

Major shout out to these ski companies for support! J Skis, LINE skis, and Head. Saga outerwear, Arsenic, and RUNA!

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Next time on PORK FRAT - The Return of Evandude (he couldn't ski with us for a few weeks this fall because HE DIDN'T HAVE SKIS.)