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Current Status: River Guide/ski bum
Home Mountain: Brundage, Schwietzer, Tamarack, Soldier, Bogus
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Best Tricks: Parking Lot Hotdog-Slammer
My Gear: 2012 Bibby Pro 190, Volkl Revolt 121 191 (Tele), Megawatt (a/t Tele), Moment Tahoe 185 (Park Tele)
Instagram: Benny_Tom
Youll find me flying out of control down the groomers on my blades, or hiking out of some untouched powder. My style consists of No poles, jeans, sunglasses and a pre-2000 costco jacket. I might be flying off a jump doing a grab, or sitting on the landing of gap jump. You can count on me to ask stupid questions about your wide skis and ill never fail to ski over your tails while you are waiting in line Telemarek

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