mimbo: noun, male bimbo.

by Scratch*my*Back
Jan 24th 2009 - 13 comments

another entry from my blog. this one is about a dumb ass mimbo (male bimbo) i went on a date with. it's a few months old though. the dude mentionned in here is now dating a 17 year old girl (this guy is 23...) who is just as dumb as he is....hope you enjoy it.

in the league of the clit

by Scratch*my*Back
Jan 24th 2009 - 15 comments

ok guys. this is an entry from my blog. no you can't know the address because my blog at the moment is under construction and im in the middle of re vamping it. however once my dating blog is up and running i'll share it with you guys here. in the's a sample..yes it's about the clitoris.