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Through the Park s.3 ep.18 Anton Lindén - Kimbosessions 2019

by SamuelAlander
Dec 2020 - 54 views

Episode 18 of 18 from Kimbosessions 2019 with the creative mastermind Anton Lindén.

I hope you enjoyed this series from Kimbosessions 2019. Peace!

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Samuel Ålander - Kimbosessions 2019

by SamuelAlander
Jun 2019 - 1.8K views

My Kimbosession 2019 recap. Thanks to Kim Boberg and everyone else who made this the best week of the year!

TWOOWTskis, Roxa Ski Boots, Giro Snow, SmellWell, Clokworq, Sudio & Gaston Luga.

Hope you guys like the video!