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Samuel Ålander - 22/23

by SamuelAlander
Oct 2023 - 298 views

A compilation of some clips from the winter season of 2022/2023. Thanks everyone involved for some good days on snow! :D

Filmed by: Luca Pichler, Bernd Hager, Max Oppitz, Joseph Woxlin, Jan Jezek, Rafael Garrido, Felix Axelsson & Edwin Humble.

Edit by me.

Shout out to my sponsors: Giro Sweden, Twoowt Skis, Roxa Ski Boots, SkatePro & Afterjam Collective (RIP).

Hope you like it!
Peace out!

Samuel Ålander - 2022

by SamuelAlander
Nov 2022 - 763 views

Another good season in the books! Thanks everyone involved for all the #GOODTIMES.

Here is a compilation of shots from last winter which is filmed at Kläppen Snowpark.

Supported by Twoowt Skis, Roxa Boots, Afterjam Collective & Giro.

Song: Commin Through by Prop Dylan.

Enjoy. :)

Samuel Ålander - Zermatt 2021 LEFTOVER EDIT

by SamuelAlander
Oct 2022 - 392 views

An edit from Zermatt filmed in august of 2021. These shot didn't make the movie "Ice-Conic" which was the main movie from this trip. But still had a bunch of videos left so thought that I would make a video out of it. :)


Filmed by: Siver Voll & Andrey Anufriev.

Supported by: TWOOWTskis, Giro, Roxa Ski Boots & Afterjam.

Song: We turn it on by Slick Rick.

Enjoy! :) #GOODTIMES

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Samuel Ålander - Kimbosessions 2019

by SamuelAlander
Jun 2019 - 2.4K views

My Kimbosession 2019 recap. Thanks to Kim Boberg and everyone else who made this the best week of the year!

TWOOWTskis, Roxa Ski Boots, Giro Snow, SmellWell, Clokworq, Sudio & Gaston Luga.

Hope you guys like the video!