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my name is akmel nasheed. i was born in India in a small village called holala. at age 12 i was kidnapped by Chinese and put into a underground sex slave trade. i was soon put on hardcore drugs so i was basically unconscious when i was raped and molested by hundreds of opium addicted Chinese men. about 4 months after i was put in this trade, i was kidnapped yet again by a customer to be used as his own personal sex toy. his wife somehow had figured out what he had done and called the police. the police arrived and they found me tied up in the basement. i was taken to the hospital to recover from this drugged state i was in. the police tried to locate my family in India but found out they had been brutally murdered in a local pillaging, so i was put into foster care and was soon adopted by an American family. my new family love to ski and they got me into it, thus me creating a newschoolers account to gossip with fellow skiers and tell my story. SMiGGERS

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