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2018 Year In Review (Action Figure Edition)

by Roy
Dec 12th - 119 views

Here’s what my 2018 looked like! It was a super fun year. I was able to charge on the skis again (dealing with an injury most of ‘17), started speed flying, got back to jumping out of planes to finally finish my solo, and feeling confident I could take the hard bails, I jumped back on the downhill bike. I also got to spend some time in sick locations in Alberta, BC, California, Washington and Chile. Thanks to all the buds who helped make it an awesome year and to @rossignol for the support (which I’ve been getting in one form or another for 15 years 🤘). Insta: royski_29

3-2-1 Droping

by Roy
Feb 2018 - 154 views

I was able to bag this line last weekend after me and the crew worked are way up testing smaller lines and doing our own avy control by dropping some cornices. Insta: royski_29

Deep In BC

by Roy
Feb 2018 - 48 views

I was getting jealous of all the Japow shots in social media, so I thought I would return the favour after it snow all last week in BC! Insta: royski_29

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Roy Mitchell Shreddit 08-09

by Roy
Aug 2009 - 3.8K views

My spanser vid, unfortunatly i always have to stretch footy so I tossed some shots in there to make it last longer. AND BIG THANKS TO ROSSI AND PADDY KAYE FOR THE GEAR TO MAKE MY SEASON HAPPEN!!!

09-10 Joke Edit From Last Year I finally Made

by Roy
Jan 2011 - 3.6K views

So last year I lost nearly all of my footage in an epic hard drive crash. What had been shot with DV tapes was saved and I used that to make this edit! It may not be the best skiing but it's deff a fun watch. Enjoy! and scope my blog at: ALSO THE FIRST SECTION THE TALL POUR PART HAS BAD AUDIO THE REST IS GOOD!