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by RobinRomera
Jan 2019 - 545 views

Dirty South Media present: The Park Tape 2018 Film/edit: Robin Romera. Featuring: Sacha Moretti, Seb Konijnenberg, Kimani Metsch, Quentin Ladame, Gaetan Carl...

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Robin Romera 2013

by RobinRomera
Jan 2014 - 12.4K views

After loose my job and my girlfiend, I finally decided to spend the rest of the winter riding and filming with PVScompany,GPSYfeelin and les Crapules. I traveled in Bosnia and Slovenia for it. So I'm happy to present you my first real part.

Robin Romera MMXIV

by RobinRomera
Jan 2015 - 1.4K views

My part from season 2014, shots from france with PVS company and Glorybox, shots from Snoqualmie during SuperUnknown finale with Level 1. Hope you enjoy.