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Oct 2016 - 4.7K views

From streets to snowpark shoot and slushy Riksgränsen. Skiing by Eero Haukkala, Ville Vuori, Santeri Leppänen, Petja Sereda, Janne Koskinen, Henri Tuohimaa, Samuli Sandelin and Joona Hakala In association with Kone-Glans, Bluebird Store, and Follow us on

"Piranha" trailer

by RedLineFilms
Jun 2016 - 776 views

It's time to release a trailer of upcoming movie after busy winter. This year was much better than last two so we were able to get some nice footage through the season. Upcoming movie will be a little bit different than last two movies. Main focus is still in urban skiing but we also went back to the roots and filmed park footage from Sappee Snowpark and did a season ending trip to slushy Riksgrnsen. In association with Bluebird Store, Kone-Glans, Sappee Snowpark,, Sking by Eero Haukkala, Ville Vuori, Petja Sereda, Janne Koskinen, Santeri Leppnen, Samuli Sandelin and Henri Tuohimaa Filmed by Henri Haikka, Niko Ranta and Janne Koskinen Shot on location at Tampere, Jyvskyl, Sappee Snowpark and Riksgrnsen FOLLOW US ON

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The game of S.K.A.T.E on carpet

by RedLineFilms
Jul 2013 - 4.1K views

Eero and Petja played the game of skate while we were hitting our new summer rail setup. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK PAGE OF SUMMER RAIL: