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"Zillertal Adventures" FULL MOVIE

by RedLineFilms
Nov 2020 - 832 views

Original plan was to visit Austria and Norway last season, but corona messed up our plans. Luckily we had two great weeks in Zillertal skiing the finest mountains of Austria. Now we have these two weeks in 5 minute short film called "Zillertal Adventures". Enjoy!

Skiing by Eero Haukkala, Ville Vuori, Daniel Antell and Lasse Tyry

"Zillertal Adventures" teaser

by RedLineFilms
Oct 2020 - 633 views

Teaser for upcoming Zillertal Adventures flick. Premiere will be at Arctic Weekend on Friday 30th October and Internet release during November.

Plan was to shoot more mountain action in Norway during the spring but corona canceled our plans. Luckily those two weeks in Austria were better than good what comes to the amount of powder. Hopefully next season we are able to shoot more mountain and street stuff.

Featuring: Eero Haukkala, Ville Vuori, Daniel Antell, Lasse Tyry

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