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by TotallyTrevor
Feb 2015 - 4.2K views

A couple weeks ago Noah and I tried going to Keystone, but instead we sat in traffic on the interstate for 2 hours, turned around, and went to Ruby Hill. Turned out being a pretty good day.

Totally Trevor! Utah Roadtrip!

by TotallyTrevor
Feb 2015 - 18.8K views

Classic Roadtrip Scenario. We sent it to Utah, skied Park City, ate Hector's, snowbladed at Rail Gardens, and our friend broke his back. It was a very interesting, and mostly enjoyable trip! Skiing, bladin' and boardin' by: Evan Furbeyre, Spencer Harkins, Pete Koukov, CREASTON, Dylan Manley, Calvin Schwadron, Pork Mairitz, #sethvaczy, and Jim Borchardt