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Chris DeJohn Self Edit

by 860media*
Dec 2016 - 2.5K views

With spending most of the time behind the lens, I don't always have the most footage. But, last year I was able to get a good amount of shots and decided to throw something together. If your looking for big spins and flips this isn't the video for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Sorry, no videos yet


by fbu
Apr 2017 - 3K views

All I have to say is thank you to bush parks for what one may call an ideal season. Impressive... bravo. So much respect for those guys. But listen, we put together a little video from the last couple of days. Watch it, enjoy it, give feedback. I don't know if this is the last video from this season but if it is, thank you for everything.
Sorry this took so long to get up but it's here so enjoy it.

Trying to eat but the price of these stakes is high.

A Lit'l Action

by C_Bechtold
Apr 2017 - 3.8K views

What I guess you could call my season edit from last year and this year's B-Roll (plus a lit'l spice ona fo a lit'l extra flavoring). Thanks Noah Sprangus and my mom she's a boss


by KeeganKil
Aug 2015 - 35.2K views

Went to hood for the first time this spring, was mad fun was able to go back an coach Windells this summer. Windells shots were everywhere but these are the ones I could get thanks to Gavin.
Spring Shots, Evan Walls , Mark Spinney and Eli Difiore