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Oldschoolers Season 2011-12

by OS_Crew
Aug 2012 - 400 views

The oldschoolers had a rough year being spread across the North West with Koby Tearing his ACL and Minuscus in January , Then Mason Tore his ACL in April, and Juice Dislocated His knee while training. Would have liked to been able to ski and film more but we pushed through the pain in order to get shots that we have. Going to come back next season with more riders and more drive than ever. Thanks to everyone for the support.


by OS_Crew
Oct 2012 - 369 views

Justin Kennedy shreds all over the west coast along with the Oldschoolers crew. Jucie has been winning most of the competitions that he enters, and progressing more than ever. THis is his season edit from the '11-12 season. keep an eye on this guy.