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Road Trip Challenge - SEASON FINALE

by Nordica
Sep 2014 - 3.4K views

The final chapter of the 2014 edition of FREESKIER?s Road Trip Challenge is here. After pillaging points across New England for six grueling days, both teams found their way to Wachusett Mountain, MA to shred some laps before the final deadline. While both Team K2 and Team Nordica are worthy champions, there can only be one winner. Road Trip Challenge, motherf#ckers.

Road Trip Challenge - EP 5

by Nordica
Sep 2014 - 3.9K views

"The last episode of FREESKIER?s Road Trip Challenge found K2 pulling ahead of Team Nordica, thanks in large part to a come-from-behind victory in the head-to-head bowling showdown. Now, both teams are racing to the finish line with the eternal RTC glory on the line. Can Nordica even things up? Will K2 ever stop partying? Which team will cement its legacy? Find the answers to those questions and plenty more in episode five."

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by Nordica
Jul 2013 - 14.2K views

Spent six days skiing at Mt Hood with the Nordica crew. After three days of rain, we finally got some sun. Newly established team rider Ian Compton secured his first days standing on Nordica's while Dale Talkington and Jeremie Veilleux represented, showcasing their signature styles. Kieran McVeigh found a few afternoons to log some shots after coaching at MHSSC. Big thanks goes out to Jeff Curry! Filmed and edited by Evan Williams


by Nordica
Apr 2013 - 13.7K views

Traveled out to CO and met up with the Nordica crew: Kieran McVeigh, Lupe Hagearty, Jeremie Veilleux, and Dane Grashuis. We filmed for the few days before Breck closed for the season. Snowy conditions in April? We made due. Filmed and edited by Evan Williams