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THE CLUB w/ Alex "Nigeria" Brown

by Nigeria
May 2017 - 3K views

COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM THE CLUB. I wanted to make something fun. Paired my love for skiing with my love for listening and producing electronic music and came up with this.
The mountain is hype daily

To all my 'EDM' haters im very not sorry

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"At The Horn" w/ Alex Nigeria Brown

by Nigeria
Mar 2015 - 3.8K views

Pulling up from DEEP THREE POINT RANGE in February at Keystone and Breckenridge while training. Had a lot of fun.
Look out for more content soon!
Thanks to Line Skis, Dalbello Boots and Giro for the support!

The Leaves Are Brown | Alex Brown

by Nigeria
Mar 2014 - 2.8K views

A compilation of footage from January and February that I was able to get in between competitions and such. Have had a blast this season and can't wait to put out even more content before the season is over!

Ice Hammers with Nigeria

by Nigeria
Jan 2012 - 2.1K views

Small amount of Shots. Here in the icy land known as Minnesota.Some Jump shots doing things and such off jumps that are too small. Dedicating this one to Sarah Burke. Enjoy.