Help the Helpers

by Mr.Bishop
Dec 20th 2013 - 2 comments

It's a sad truth that bad things happen to good people.   On Wednesday, Vernon native and Whistler transplant Mike Shaw was training in Keystone, CO, when his tips caught the uneven snow upon ...

Frozen In Time

by Mr.Bishop
Dec 9th 2013 - 1 comments

Powder, The Skier's Magazine, gathered content from filmmakers Sherpas Cinema, photographer Adam Clark, and The North Face athletes Angel and Johnny Collinson and Ian McIntosh to tell a rich story in full multimedia format. Featuring words, photos, and videos, Frozen In Time documents a 12-day trip to Denali National Park in April 2013, where the eight-person crew set up base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier and skied first descents on the lower flanks of Mount Hunter.

Building the best ski cores with J

by Mr.Bishop
Nov 21st 2013 - 3 comments

Watch how we make them! Maple eh! . . . The factory is in Quebec, I live in Vermont. We got maple!MAPLE is a very expensive high quality, hard wood, thus the reason it's used to build floors and furniture to last a lifetime. When used as a ski core, it absorbs impact, has a ton of energy, keeps your binding screws in and most importantly, maple syrup tastes great. We run 4 - 20mm wide Maple laminates the entire length of the core. Under your foot the core is comprised of approximately 80% Maple & 20% Aspen with solid