I remember meeting Jason for the first time - He was a young park skier sharing the stoke at one of the D-jams up at Val Saint Come, Quebec. Something stood out about this young chap, in that he just seemed really passionate and enthusiastic to help out.

I can’t even recall what the first opportunity was that he jumped on, but there was some piece of horrible bitch work between Newschoolers and iF3 that needed to be done, and Jason volunteered. That basically led to a string of similar circumstances.

Eventually he became the official intern of Newschoolers. After that, we got a crazy idea to buy a sticker machine. Chances are that if you have a Newschoolers sticker from anywhere between 2007 and about 2009, Jason’s hands were one of the sets that created it. He helped us build our merch program, and became a budding photographer.

Jason’s time at SBC SKIER and iF3 has deeply honed his skills as a competent media and content manager, as well as social media maven. Add this to the fact that he has been an active member of the community for years simply makes him the absolute perfect candidate for the growing monster that is Newschoolers.

He’ll be joining us in the Montreal office, and we’re going to be working together very closely in order to take this site to a whole new level. As I get older, I get progressively more out of touch with what’s happening on the ground floor, and we need someone who can help lead the army of Newschoolers into the future.

As leaders, we’re here to curate and share everything the world of skiing has to offer. Skiing is about passion and people -- and that’s why Newschoolers will always put the community first.

So let’s give a warm welcome to Mr. Mousseau.