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Skiing The Ultimate Spring Snowpark | Markus Eder's Super Spring Sesh

by MarkusEder
Nov 2020 - 738 views

Missing prime time of last winter season due to the all mighty COVID we put together this spring park to actually have a happy ending of the season. At the end we skied until 26th of June with a bunch of good friends. Gotta give a huge shout out to Jonas Vieider from Watchsome Production which worked with me on making this happen which was all super improvised. And shout out to my home mountain Klausberg for believing in us and letting us do whatever we wanted up there!! Definitely good times!

Cinematography: Watchsome Production
Skiers: Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Tom Ritsch, Dennis Ranalter, Simone Canal, Lukas Schäfer

SuperSpringSesh 2020

by MarkusEder
Jun 2020 - 931 views

Finally shredding agin! What a few days we had up at my home resort Klausberg three weeks ago.
Shout out Jonas Vieider for the huge motivation and efforts directing and cutting this clip,][/url]

Thanks to Lukas Kusstatscher for the sick additional camera angles,

and Alex Meliss for the FPV shots,

Last but not least to all the friends for coming out and shredding hard:
Ralph Welponer
Christoph Schenk
Lukas Schäfer
Tibias Sieder
Fabian Hofer
Niklas Oberrauch
Moritz Happacher
Martin Zimmerhofer
Maximilian Pupp
Andreas Reichegger
Michael Forer
Simon Gruber
Simon Leitner
Klaus Vieider

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