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Axel Runner - 2021

by Los_Amigos
Jun 21st - 2.2K views

Couple clips from this season!
Thank you to all the friends who filmed me, and big thanks to RMU for the support :)
Filmers: Dylan Runner, Henry Eckert, Jackie Crowe, Ty Urlich, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Morgan Tien

Axel Runner 2020 - Only Cliff Hucks

by Los_Amigos
Jul 2020 - 4.9K views

Big thanks to all the friends and the Los Amigos crew for filming me! Also big thank you to RMU Skis for the support throughout the winter :)

Whistler, BC
Pemberton, BC

Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones

Dylan Runner
Morgan Tien
Cobo Alvarez de Toledo
Henry Eckert
Connor Martin
Mae Biedermann
Eli Bucher
Will Matous
Dylan Harden


Morgan Tien ~ Secondary Succession

by Los_Amigos
May 2020 - 1.6K views

Morgan Tien is our favorite tree hugger, and he spent his winter in the alpine tundra and mountain hemlock BEC subzones, or so he says. To us it seems as if he just went skiing with his friends. We hope you’ll enjoy this cut he threw together of his season in the “backcountry”.


Secondary Succession: A sequence of change initiated by a moderate disturbance that removes or kills most above ground biomass but leaves some organic matter and plant parts.

Injury, rehabilitation, and redemption are all parts of skiing. Our lives often mimic the ecosystems we live in; we must grow and adapt in the face of change.

Music: “HEADY” by Reaper

Connor Smith
Dylan Runner
Henry Eckart
Eli Bucher
Cobo Alvarez De Toledo
Mae Biedermann
Tyndall Wells

Title Design:
Leo Jedynak

Sydney Beckett

Traditional land of the St’at’imc (Lil’wat) Nation
Koma Kulshan

Special Thanks To:
Michael Waesche
Noah Howell
Kirill Kokorin
Sydney Beckett
Alex Ropka
Whistler Ski Patrol
CSM Whistler
Mt. Baker Ski Area
Mom & Dad

Axel Runner // Season Clips 2019

by Los_Amigos
Jun 2019 - 4.9K views

Couple of clips from the 2018-2019 season. Big thanks to everyone who filmed and rode along to make this season such a great one!
Shout out to @losamigosski @dylanr_runner @calvarezdetoledo @henryeckert_ for the filming :)
Music: Touch Me - The Doors

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Los Amigos 2019 Intersection Winning Video - "The One Where They Get Sendy"

by Los_Amigos
Apr 2019 - 14.6K views

Here's what happens when you take a group of kids and give them a week off school to film, edit and produce a 7 minute ski movie. We're over the moon to walk away with People's Choice and Best in Show at this year's Intersection with this video. We had a couple close calls and unfortunately one bad injury, but somehow managed pulled it through.
A huge thanks to everyone that put it all on the line, we couldn't have done it without you!
Athletes : Dylan Runner, Axel Runner, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Jacob Boyd, Carlene Loughlin, Dylan Hardenberg,Ty Urlich, Kai Smart, Austin de St. Croix, Morgan tien, Jeremy Acland, Lauren Taffe, Sam Degroot, Connor Macdonald and Henry Eckert

Los Amigos // Dos Hermanos

by Los_Amigos
Mar 2018 - 8.5K views

Axel and Dylan took the camera gear out for a couple days in February and threw this together. All filmed at Whistler Blackcomb.
Instagram: @losamigosski @axelrunner @dylan_runner
Music : KISS - Detroit Rock City