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FSWL - EP 3 - Fun camps

by LaurentDeMartin
Jan 2nd - 428 views

From 🇨🇭 with ❤️ Ep. 3 This is what the next generation of freeskiers looks like ✨✨. Glad to have spent the day with them, Thanks for the motivation & the smiles ! See u soon for the next camp 💪🏻 Thanks Sampo Vallotton for the coaching, Ruedi van DeClub for📸 , & Titouan Bessire for 🎥 .

FSWL - EP. 1 - Sunrise

by LaurentDeMartin
Nov 27th - 822 views

Stoked to finally release the first episode of the webseries project. Remco Kayser, Ruedi Flück, Titouan Bessire & I spent a night at Glacier 3000 & skied the Snowpark before everybody🤗🤗 . Thanks again for the possibility to do it. Good times. ✌🏻 From Switzerland With Love.

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LDM x 2017

by LaurentDeMartin
Jan 2018 - 8.3K views

When I was young, I always dreamt about filming with Level 1. Over the last 2 years this dream has come true and I am really stoked to release my season edit with all my shots from the past winter. From the deepest pow ever in Canada to the longest airtime in Mammoth. I also found myself in the streets in Moscow, where I had the worst crash of my life. Luckily, 5 Russian staples later, and I am as good as new. BIG thanks to all the good people for the love, the support, the filming & the help, my sponsors & Jules Guarneri for editing.