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The Seventh Day

by Jiberish
May 19th - 3.7K views

This spring, Tucker Fitzsimons teamed up with good friend and filmer Cal Aamodt to show us that you can make magic in just a few days.

“The Seventh Day” was filmed in only six at Park City and Brighton, Utah.


Midsize Sedan

by Jiberish
Mar 2022 - 5.1K views

Every now and then, a skier comes along that’s a no-brainer to welcome into the fold of the Jiberish family of athletes. Jib vets Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, and Seamus Flanagan, brought along new team member Ryan Stevenson for a mid-season session filled with big tricks and even bigger vibes. The ultimate combo of Colorado sunshine and Woodward Copper’s impressive park setup led to an unforgettable few days on hill.

Filmed and edited by Pete Koukov and Sam Zahner.


A Walk in the Park Pt. 2 - Sam, Cal & Pete

by Jiberish
Aug 2021 - 8.3K views

The gang is back. Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, and Pete Koukov teamed up once again to film their second Walk in the Park. All three are known for their hard-hitting street segments, Instagram antics, and flawless style, so it is always a pleasure to see those talents brought to the park.

Shot on location at Woodward Copper, Colorado.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Mildenberger.


Pit Stop

by Jiberish
May 2021 - 5.2K views

On his way up to Mt. Hood, Jiberish team member Tucker Fitzsimons took a quick pit stop at Mt. Bachelor for a day of riding.

Filmed and edited by Myles Cameron.


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Banged Up

by Jiberish
Nov 2018 - 55.6K views

“Banged Up” is the much anticipated follow-up to Sam Zahner and Calvin Barrett’s debut film “70/30”. Winding their way through the streets of Colorado, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, Sam and Calvin were joined by Mike Cappola, Seamus Flanagan, Scrappy Joe, and Pete Koukov. After countless cold days and painful nights, last minute cross-country drives chasing storms that didn’t happen, endless shoveling and a surplus of slams, the title could not be a more accurate depiction of Winter 17/18 through the eyes of the crew.

A Walk in the Park - Joona Kangas

by Jiberish
May 2021 - 11.2K views

Long-time Jiberish fam Joona Kangas has always had a creative eye, not just in the way he skis, but in the way he sees the entire mountain. After years of shredding all over the globe, skiing in the Olympics, and releasing a handful of standout video segments as part of the Keesh Life crew, we were finally able to link with Joona for A Walk in the Park. Shot on location at his home mountain Levi, in Lappi Finland, Joona did exactly what we expected and put together a mind-bending edit featuring a handful of tricks that we’ve never seen, or even imagined.

Filmed and edited by Zenja Potapov in Levi, Lappi, Finland


A Walk in the Park: Bounce Back - Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, and Calvin Barrett

by Jiberish
May 2017 - 24.3K views

After showcasing athletes in the PNW and Utah, we wanted to bring things back to our Colorado roots. Summit County has always been one of the hotspots for park skiing, and that has yet to change. A Walk in the Park: Bounce Back - Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, and Calvin Barrett was filmed over a week in late April, highlighting some of the best young up-and-comers in Summit.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Mildenberger at Arapahoe Basin and Keystone.


Chronological - Jacob Hyllengren Larsson

by Jiberish
Oct 2015 - 8.7K views

Jiberish is proud to present Jacob Hyllengren Larsson's 2014/15 season edit. Split between urban shoots in Europe and sunny days in Mammoth, CA, Chronological showcases Jacob's unique perspective on skiing this past season.

Check out more of Jacob in BRS's new movie, Bon Vivant.