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Not Serious

by J_skis
Oct 2021 - 983 views

The story of four friends ditching their standard 9-5 work from home life for an epic day on the slopes. Balancing icy turns, ski blade slashes, backflip flops, and ketchup on toast while still managing to appear 'online'. The only thing they take more seriously than their quarterly sales reports is a day on the mountain.

Alyssa Parsons][/url]
Ana Eyssimont][/url]
Audrey Friess][/url]
Evelyn Leibinger][/url]

MASTERMINDED BY: Alyssa Parsons][/url]
FILM & PRODUCTION BY: Benjamin Merrill][/url]

Uphill Both Ways!

by J_skis
Sep 2020 - 779 views

Yup! This is the fastest graphic in the world. No, really.... it is! Everyone else tried making lighter touring skis from the inside out, instead of from the outside in, ahaa! That's why these skis are really, really fast on the outside, but deep down inside they charge harder than the rest of them. You'll have your head cocked back laughing as you pass the spandex skimo's on the way uphill... and down!

Of course this genius idea was conceived by none other than "Ahmet's Brother", the skier previously known as Giray Dadali. We decided to keep this collaboration extremely limited since we could only mine enough of the "skimo-graphic" material to print 350 pair on the new "Slacker" ski. In total we melted down over 1,000 pair of XC skis to build these. I then hand-signed and numbered each pair. Grab yours before these previously thought to be impossible enigmas wrapped inside a riddle sells out!

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They See Me Trollin': Heart of Skiing - Ep 5

by J_skis
Jan 2019 - 8.6K views

After narrowly avoiding being cut by the network, the Heart of Skiing film crew is back to tape another season. Zane makes his return from an unsuccessful run at Superunknown and his pursuits to join the Bunch seem to not be paying off. Controversy runs high as Zane starts rocking a yellow vest the same day Magnus loses his.

Created, Directed & Produced by: Steve Stepp (@stevestepp)

Lead Cinematography: Paul Braunstein
Zane Kushman played by: Steve Stepp

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First day on J skis

by J_skis
Nov 2013 - 6.9K views

Giray Dadali's first day out on a new pair of J skis early season at Breckenridge, Colorado. He's riding the "First!" model in a 178cm length.