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Joona Kauppinen 20/21

by J-jay
May 3rd - 508 views

It was really good and snowy season, thank you Mustavaara, NCSC and everyone who was part of this season!
Filmers: Patrik Joutsen, Eero Tolvanen, Veeti Vänskä & Jani Hujanen

Joona Kauppinen 19/20

by J-jay
May 2020 - 737 views

This season was pretty strange in many ways… Still good times on skis as always!
Thanks everyone, especially Patrik Joutsen, Mustavaara & NCSC!

Joona Kauppinen 18/19

by J-jay
Jul 2019 - 1.1K views

My fave clips from last season which was the best one so far once again! :)
Thanks everyone, especially Patrik Joutsen, Esa-Matti Haatainen, Mustavaara & NCSC!

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by J-jay
Apr 2018 - 1.6K views

My first ever backflip attempt ended up being pretty epic :D Luckily I tried it again after that and learned how to do it! :)