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MLK Powder Panic

by IanAvery-Leaf
Feb 2019 - 10.1K views

as the Cottonwood Canyons quickly reached overflow capacity with crazed powseekers over a fruitful MLK weekend, we fearlessly joined the crowds to score our own slices of in-bounds and side country bliss. Featuring Tucker Addison, Jack Finn, Quinn Kennedy, Davis Lentz, Jordan Romero, John Michael Fabrizi, Paul Parys, Lorin Daughton

filmed by Owen Dahlberg & Ian Avery-Leaf, edit by Ian Avery-Leaf

Bronco Bullet

by IanAvery-Leaf
Apr 2020 - 7.7K views

a handful of days in the streets in and around Denver, CO

ft. Jack Finn
film by Ian Avery-Leaf
thank you to Quinn Kennedy, Dan Hauser, Micah Little, Kirk Scully, Surface for winch/shoveling/2nd angles/support
super 8mm processed by Metro Post NYC