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Fridged up!

by GilsonSkis
Aug 19th - 1.9K views

Took some riders to big snow after our Summer Snow Day event.
2 hour sesh resulted in this edit.

New lineup drops Aug 26th

West Anderson
Brandon Stover
Ian Kuhn
Seth Karlsrud
Cayden Snyder
George Brown

Diesel Demolition-Gunnar Gronowski

by GilsonSkis
Apr 2022 - 3.4K views

If you've been to Copper this season, chances are you've run into Gunnar choppin it up in the park. Or maybe had a van sesh with him in the parking lot. Either way you won't easily forget him. Gunnar mixes his own unique style into every trick he does, creating a flavor that is so often missing in skiing.

Enjoy this Copper Park season recap from Gunnar.

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Marion Balsamo-Welcome to the Team

by GilsonSkis
Apr 2021 - 3.7K views

We are extremely excited to welcome Marion Balsamo as our first female rider onto our ski team.

We followed her for a couple laps at Copper to put together this quick edit!

Marion is from New Mexico; aside from being very talented at skiing.
She also enjoys, competing in rodeo, baking, and taking care of her horses.

Follow her on IG: @marionbalsamo

the Food

by GilsonSkis
Feb 2022 - 1.4K views

A full 3 and half min edit? Is that too much to ask people to sit down and watch anymore nowadays? Hopefully not!

Enjoy these Copper clips of Gunnar Gronowski. Feat. Jotto, B Stover, and Michael Undiks

Filming: Josh Wong, Jim Avallone, Joey Burkhardt, Jordan Groeschel
Edited: Josh Wong