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Season edit 18/19 - Norwin Gaillard

by FreeFeelers
Oct 2019 - 414 views

Back when my mind drifted to really dark places skiing was the spark that finaly lightened those up. It became (beside friends and few other things) the red thread trough my life, helping me to not feel lost in this world and made it worth to be lived again. I don't even want think about where or if I even would be without skiing today. Luckily nowadays skiing isn't a spark in the dark anymore but the place I can create fireworks the way I want them to be. Thanks so much skiing ❤️

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Fuck being normal Ep. 3 - Springtime

by FreeFeelers
Oct 2018 - 567 views

This episode is about the end of the 16/17 season and is all about sun, slush and happy dayz on snow :)
Hope you enjoy it!

Rider: Norwin Gaillard
Filming: Ilian Gaillard

(sry for the partly akward arm swings, workin on it ^^ )