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We Are The Faction Collective #S01E01 : Colorado

by Faction
Jan 2014 - 34.7K views

We Are The Faction Collective #S01E01 follows the kick off to winter in Colorado. Filmed and edited by Etienne Merel in Colorado at Breckenridge, Copper and Keystone. Featuring Faction athletes (in order of appearance): Candide Thovex, Tim McChesney, César Fabre, Etienne Merel, Duncan Adams, Simon D'artois, Mark Nowakiwsky, Cody Cirillo and Adam Delorme. Additional cinematography: Pierre-Louis Bonnet and Lucas Hogland.

Faction Skis. Better Than...

by FactionTV
Nov 2010 - 4.4K views

Faction Skis, Freeride and Freestyle skis are so good they are even better than... well watch the video to see what they are better than. But they are epic in the park, powder, big mountain, any skiing you can think of they will do, although they probably aren't the best for racing gates but you could give it a go: check them out.