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LOON // 4-1

by Elmo.
Apr 2014 - 949 views

PLEASE WATCH IN HD ..... April fools day at Loon NH. Awesome sunny afternoon with the boys lapping the kanc. Filmed in about 3 hours. Vibes to Rob Dresser who tore his ACL on his second run of the day.

Mike Murphy season edit 11/12

by Elmo.
Apr 2012 - 183 views

alright well nothing special here. just another fun season. i learned some unnaty rail tricks and landed my first 5 and 7 but never got shots of them. and then i just lacked jump shots the whole year. i wanted to have atleast 10 urban shots but with the whole 10 inches of snow all year in southern NH that was not gunna happen but i learned a lot of new rail tricks and i had a ton of fun which is what its all about. thanks for watching guys!

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First 2 pretzel 2

by Elmo.
Feb 2011 - 1.5K views

Got super stoked that i landed it then when i went to ride away i caught an edge on the snowbank thats 2 feet after the landing after the box

Mike Murphy season edit 10/11

by Elmo.
May 2011 - 4.2K views

Well i suck at skiing and i got hurt twice this season while i sucked at skiing. but i had fun and thats what skiing is about for me. i did learn some new tricks and done some things i've always wanted to do with skiing.