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Eugene Mackie 2016

by EMK
Jun 2016 - 199 views

I had some problems this year, I'm glad I managed to make an edit. It isn't my best skiing ever, but it could have been worse.


by EMK
Jan 2016 - 257 views

"Bang me like Tom Wallisch!" I hurt my knee and my skis started to feel a little lonely so we made a cheeky video y'know what I mean ;)

Demons Eidt

by EMK
Apr 2014 - 583 views

I wanted to make a full length edit to follow up the one from the start of winter. Sadly on the last shot of this video you can see me damage the cartilage in my knee and be forced off skis for 6 weeks. I felt the song "Demons With Ryu" was quite fitting as it expressed my anger pretty well. Also, it kinda feels like there are demons holding me back and causing all these injuries sometimes!

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Eugene Mackie - dole ScUMMER EDIT

by EMK
Dec 2009 - 4.4K views

This summer I was on the dole and didn't manage to ski as much as I would have liked. This edit contains the few (sketchy) tricks i managed to get filmed. As I was struggling for footage and I didn't have a job to got to i used my abundant spare time to film some sweet lifestyle shots to make up time. I hope you like the final product and find it entertaining.
song; The Horrors - Death at the Chapel