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A Day in The Life of the Timberline Park Crew

by DorianF
Aug 2018 - 720 views

I had the privilege of shadowing the Timberline Park Crew for a day. A salute to the guys working their asses off to allow the rest of us to shred in the summer!!! @jessehebert1 @mo_linejesse @coltoncarroll_ @conorcarroll_ @hunterbissler @livin_daynegerously @swaggyburke @ahoodsummer @hoodstarsd @isantic15 @weridepark @griffinjcummings

Filmers Can Ski Too | A Summer at Mt Hood

by DorianF
Jul 2018 - 404 views

I had some time off between graduating university and the real world so I decided to spend most of my summer up at Mt Hood. I mostly film so I didn't get a lot of clips, but I'm happy with the ones I got Thank you Oliver Mathews-Lyon, Julian Berg, and Jesse Hebert for Filming and Thank you to the Timberline Park Crew for building and maintaining a sick park!

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Urban Reel 2016

by DorianF
May 2016 - 532 views

We didn't get a lot of snow this year but we made the best of it Riders: Ryan Kennedy, Chris Boggs, Curtis Hiller, Eric Martin, and Nevin Tarnowski