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Buying: Looking for Vishnu’s or any super flexible ski to buy!!!!

By DjDougieT

Randolph, Massachusetts, United States
Last updated - $400

Looking for any flexible ski, I prefer Vishnu’s or ON3P. Size 171 and up only!!!!! I got some skis I’m willing to trade!!! BUT ALSO TRYING TO BUY WITH CASH!!!!!! HMU Please!!! Got chronics from 20...

Trading: Buying/Selling/Trading my Line TW 2017 Pro 164 O.K CONDITION

By DjDougieT

Yarmouth, Massachusetts, United States
Last updated - $200 - $400

I am 6’2 and looking for a bigger ski to trade to, my line TW 2018 164 they currently have some Look Pivot 12 on them and going to take them off unless you are willing to trade me a pair of skis wit...