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Kazakov Arkadiy 2018

by DeadLine
Dec 3rd - 1.3K views

Arkadiy urban season video. Saint-Petersburg, Kirovsk spots Thanks to everyone who helped and support me RIOT skis, LosRaketos, Sony Russia, Roxa, Ski-Net, Anteater, Dakine, PO and Bolt winch.

Oleg Guch- REZURRECTION 17/18

by DeadLine
Oct 29th - 1.9K views

Hi, my name is Oleg, I am a skier from Russia and this is my profile for 17-18, I did not have time to fully skate season 18 due to injury, but soon I will continue to ride and this is the best) I wish everyone to fall less and not despair)) @og_gucci_ @deadline_gang

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At Dawn Official Trailer

by DeadLine
Sep 2017 - 6.3K views

DEADLINEGANG proudly presents second film At Dawn Featuring: Arkadii Kazakov, Gregory Fuzeev, Alex Penderev, Egor Shymchyonak, Shingo Sasaki, Andrew Anufriev, Oleg Guch, Anton Golubev, VadRudakov, Masato Toda And FRIENDS. Supported by: Sony, ShoreLab, Gudauri Snowlab, Anteater, LosRaketos, Levi, RiotSkis Info support: Riders,, Directed by Mikhail Shishebarov and Arkadii Kazakov Cinematography by Mikhail Shishebarov and Arkadii Kazakov Additional cinematography by Ivan Shemereko Ivan Novikov, Artem Protasov, Sasha Kazakov, Egor Zgorovyak, Slava Gogokhia, Artem Danilevich Edited by Mikhail Shishebarov, Arkadii Kazakov Photographer by @ponchikz Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2014