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Parks and [-REC] Vol. 1

by Squaw-Alpine
Feb 2015 - 7.3K views

The Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows Park is firing right now. Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows present Volume 1 of the new series, "Parks & [-REC]". Featuring Alex Dorszynski, Andy McDowell, Jed Kravitz, and Tim Sargent. Shot on location at the Gold Coast park at Squaw Valley.

Tabarnak Pack "Chic-Chac's!

by Tabarnak Pack
Feb 2015 - 44.6K views

We had the opportunity to head up to Gaspe and ski some powder in the Chic-Chocks! But first found some rails we had to hit! Marty broke himself off on the first day but we keep going and had an amazing trip!