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Rails 2 Riches 2017

by ChiefCo.
Dec 2016 - 1.9K views

Killington Resort's Rails 2 Riches just keeps building momentum. Every year the set up gets larger and the crowds bigger. Take a look at this year's Rails 2 ...

The Pursuit - Ep.3

by ChiefCo.
Mar 2016 - 1.6K views

Episode 3 continues to follow Corey and Adam on their journey throughout the east. Digging a little deeper into why we do what we do. Finding out that although we may have a plan, whether it be for life or the day ahead, sometimes the plan changes and we must adapt.

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The Pursuit - Ep.1

by ChiefCo.
Nov 2015 - 4.9K views

The Pursuit follows Adam as he journeys the East coast living out of his converted school bus. Episode one is the story of how The Pursuit came to be, what the pursuit is and what it represents. In this episode Adam sends it from Buffalo, NY to Killington, VT to meet up with his filming friend Corey.
Follow Adam A.K.A. @mradamx in his monthly webisodes of The Pursuit produced by Chief Co.


by ChiefCo.
Apr 2014 - 1.1K views

Killington Parks team rider, Kevin Merchant (AKA Tweak), takes you on a journey through his ski season showing off his unique style and skiing.