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360 and Backflip over a nice lil gap at Snowbird

by CamJepp
Jul 2020 - 660 views

When snowbird opened for uphill traffic this may we knew we had to get up and sesh on the wave. Unfortunately most of the traditional hits on the windlip had melted out landings so we got a little creative. (If you look closely enough on the last GoPro clip you can see some homies building a dope whale tail too)

The First Annual Chowdah Bowl Throwdown (Chowdah Boyz and friends)

by CamJepp
Jul 2020 - 3.7K views

Such an amazing experience to be able to document the insane amount of send and hype that was created with everyone coming together! These jumps took 10+ hours to build, but in the end, were completely worth the effort put in by the boys. Thanks to Solitude for allowing uphill travel after the virus shut our lift-served season down. Also, shoutout to Daymaker Touring for getting us all up the mountain!

Giray Dadali (aka Ahmet's Brother)
Sam Goodhue
Pat O'Neill
Tams Marvell
Luke Langdon
Luc DeLacluyse
Jonny Aldred
Henry Zakowski
Rush Peterson