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Buying: Ski Poles - 44” & 46”/48” Denver area. Give me your cheap poles

By BradFiAusNzCoCa

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Posted - $15

I just moved to Denver. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on poles. Do you have any poles laying around to sell on the cheap? This is your chance to make a buck on a pair of poles when normally y...

Buying: Look Pivots - any color. 12, 14, or 15

By BradFiAusNzCoCa

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Posted - $150

Looking to buy some pivots. Preferably with GW. Not fussed about color or model. So if you've got some laying around or for sale - hit me up.

Buying: Looking for CMD skis - Europe or USA

By BradFiAusNzCoCa

Vaasa, Ostrobothnia, Finland
Posted - $1

I am looking for some CMD skis. I’ve tried CMD email, CMD insta, wrote some shop in Sweden, and even written Åre Skid fabrik (builders of CMD). He told me to go to So, made a prof...