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Season edit 2012

by Booty4breakfast
Jun 2012 - 766 views

We ended up having a pretty shitty winter, but we all made the most of it. I apologize in advance for some shaky camera work. I don't own any stabilizer or glide cam... yet. We skied at Chicopee, Blue Mountain, and Mount Saint Louis this year. Skiers include Rory S-B, Peter Craigen, Nathan Huehn, Kevin Connel, Alex Mattie, Brendan S-B, Ollie Bales, Devyn Slocum, and myself, Jarred Hartung. Thanks to all of the people who helped film and threw down! Please enjoy Shot with a Canon 60D W/ 18-200mm and 6.5mm fish eye. Song: Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra (dubstep remix)