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IPPC: Squid Island

by hoodcrew
Dec 2014 - 15.8K views

I Piff Park City is back to take you through a day living out here on Squid Island with Wabbs and the gang! Make sure to follow @ipiffparkcity for all the squid warnings!

It's Always Sunny at Alta 2

by drinkbutter
Jan 2016 - 25.4K views

@Drinkbutter proudly present its Always Sunny At Alta 2. This Movie documents our 2014/2015 season filmed almost entirely in-bounds at our home mountain, Alta Ski Area.

Opening segment is @ryan_vitale aka Randy who absolutely killed it last season.
Followed by the intro and friend/FRANK shots.
Then Charlie has another cameo.
A new addition to the drinkbutter fam.. is the @Wamas_Media crew. Composed of @noah_heaton, @jaxx_heaton, @radiicole, @zachseager, and @jettjohnson5. All who are either in middle-school-or high school and have more fun skiing than anyone on the mountain.
Next up is our dog, @jamesjensen_, James went ham this season and we still can?t believe he?s only been shredding with us for 3 seasons.
Finally, @jazzzythizzle caps it off with his funky season edit despite tearing his meniscus twice last season.

Dedicated to: Heffy, Bryce Astle, and Eric Richardson.