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Current Status: Part-time gnar shredder, Hip Hop & Reggae enthusiast, Student, and original cash money ginger kid...
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Best Tricks: I'm tricky
My Gear: 185 Rossi steeze's with Duke AT Bindings, And, now for the Parade of Rock Skis: 179. cm. 07' Seth's,. Head Mad Trix, 180 cm. Rossi Bandit B2's, and some ghetto old-skool 200 cm. Volk Carver's haha
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I'm always looking for new people to ski with; if you live around Golden/Boulder and love to shred trees, backcountry, cliffs, Pow-pow, ect... shoot me a message and we'll go skiing sometime, especially now that I have a truck out here. Skiing is the one thing that truly makes me feel alive and there is now better feeling in the world than hittin' a big drop or rippin' some fresh pow. I have Fridays OFF this fall so holla if you want to hit up the BC this fall; I have a 4x4 truck so road conditions are no problem, you can find me on as well. I'm a safe BC skier with experience and have beacon/avalung/shovel ect... and am looking for similiar partners for Loveland, Berthoud, Vail Passes, East Vail BC, ect.... If you have a sled that would be amazing haha..... BC-Steeze

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